internet for all kids

Lets get it on: lets start this year

It is not fair that millions of kids do not get a chance to play, learn and grow up like we did. A tablet for poor kids will change a bit. Let us teach them. Let them play as well.

Aguarena Foundation

We are a group of successful people. We hold nice jobs in great companies. Some of us

don't even have to work anymore. Are we so smart? May be. But for sure we were born

damn lucky. There are too many kids in this world born without this luck.

- we bring intelligent people together

- we will develop a teaching app

- we give tablets to kids


Kids can play, learn and participate

in all of the world we live in.

It is just a minor change

We believe that internet has changed the world we live in. We believe that internet keeps on shaping the future. That is why we think that every kid should have internet.


It is just a bit of change. But we know the result will be great. A kid with more education is a future with better chances.


Putting the spanish words Agua and Arena together, you get Aguarena. Water and sand. Like on the beach. You can play with water and sand, building and dream endlessly about constructing something big... Björn Heisterkamp, founder of Aguarena.